by Tanner Merritt

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I tracked this record in 2009 at Glow in the Dark Studios in Atlanta with my good friend Matt McClellan. I had just joined O'Brother in 2008 and had a collection of songs I had written prior to joining the band. We tracked everything over the course of six months or so, but before it was finished both of us got extremely busy, and this record was forgotten about for a while.

Well, it's about that time again where I have another album's worth of new material that is not-so-O'bro-appropriate. So I thought to myself, "What better way to raise money to record a solo record than to release a solo record I’ve already recorded?" So, with the help of our drummer Michael, who has become quite the Protools guru of late, I finally finished it. Without Michael and Matt these songs would have never found their way into unsuspecting or eager ear-holes.

Although these songs are pretty old (some written as early as 2005) and pretty far-removed from what I am currently writing, I still enjoy them and thought you might like to hear them as well.


By buying this record you are enabling me to do what I love to do, and for that I am eternally grateful.

My goal is to put out another solo record of all-new material by the end of the year.

Best Regards,


released April 30, 2013

Produced By: Tanner Merritt & Matt McClellan at Glow in the Dark Studios
Engineered By: Matt McClellan, Michael Martens & Tanner Merritt
Mixed By: Michael Martens & Tanner Merritt
Mastered By: Michael Martens
Artwork was taken from an etching by Raleigh Chesney titled Control:Supply
Layout by: Michael Martens & Tanner Merritt

All songs written, arranged, and performed by Tanner Merritt



all rights reserved


Tanner Merritt Atlanta, Georgia

Hello, my name is Tanner. I sing and play guitar in a band called O'Brother. This is a creative outlet for my more tender tendencies.

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Track Name: Doubt
I tremble tremble so the fear can set in, I’ve got a gut full of dirt
But it’s not enough to admit
I’ve seen the best that forgiveness can get, known the rest it can give
But I’m still too proud to repent
I heard the lie that a tyrant had spit, I saw the life that it split
While I just tried to forget
I’ve seen the flames lick the heels of good men, I feel them calling my name
But I’m just too tired to resist

I’ve got a point to prove or I’d be back in your arms
(I’ll be back in your arms someday)
When I’ve got it all to lose I’ll be back in your arms
(I’ll be back there, but not today)

I’m only inspiring doubt, but all I want is belief
Track Name: Wretched Things
We all know we’ll meet an end of blank decay
For time has shown that time only leaves disarray
And our disease of destructive thought will resign
And the roots of earth will be choked out by thorn and stone
And fowl of air will pick the flesh from mortal bone
And while you sleep your body starts to die
But wake up now you’re still alive

All my splendor is leaking out the pores of my throat
What once sparkled is reduced to the dirt beneath your toes
Age has made our bodies wretched to behold
Age has made our bodies wretched things

No, you can’t just go bury your head until
We’re a feast for crows, our bodies torn to bits
Just take all our fragments and pieces and bring them back to life

Wake up, open your eyes dear
All your demons are gone
Track Name: The Harvest
My belly bleeds from crawling the earth at the heels of beggars and thieves
While chemical thought runs through my veins
A wire from pole to pole to bring me your weighted speech
It falls upon deaf ears for I cannot hear you now
Speak to me, speak to me

For we are but men learning how to die
And youth is like spring-time but winter is in sight
So go ahead divide your grain; keep it in the cellar now
But when winter arrives, who will stuff your lifeless mouth?

So wait for grace to grab you by the throat
And we’ll sing “Glory”
“Thy will be done over me”
Track Name: You Taught Me How
You taught me how to play this game for two
You wrapped your tongue around the words that I could never put life to
You raised your hands in semblance of good faith
You let your lies spew out between vile attempts at having tact and saving face

(oh hell)

All our dreams forfeit to bliss if we’re weaving wicked lines
All our dreams forfeit to bliss, disease is a state of mind

Your dirty mouth spilled the afterbirth of pride
You love the sound of your voice when no one else can tell you are only being snide
Your murderous speech intent on its design
Carefully crafted words, like arrows fly, from your lips and leave your sense behind
Track Name: Keep It In Your Teeth
You waged your war with no contempt
You cracked your spine as you sat and wept
You’re keeping still to keep alive
You forged your name in the lake of fire
Where you tossed your sins and softly sighed
You’re keeping still to keep alive

Sit solemnly still, may the patterns in your breathing make you feel a little closer to yourself
Sit solemnly still, may the movements of your chest rise and fall, the rhythm is your medicine
And oh my god what kind of shit are we in?
We’re all a puzzle and the pieces are wearing thin
Just hold my head close to your chest cause I’m about to leave
Well our doors are closed, and our closets are locked
From keeping other peoples’ bones tucked away in the dark
Well you can keep your deceit; you can keep it in your teeth

You’re the bastard son of some blessed saint
You may bare his face but never his name
For if they should know then who would they praise
For a life of martyrdom and a life of grace
Track Name: Three Times Divine
From the depths distance is drawing near
Like a wave crested in growing fear
Still the serpent whispers in your ear the knowledge of life
And of rotting flesh it sickly reeks
And deprived of sight all you will see
Are hungry eyes with sharpened teeth bidding you come
And you’ll pray that god will cast all your devils down
To the lake of fire to burn and drown
And he’ll wipe the blood off of your brow and call you his own
And we’ll greet the loss of innocence
As Judas with betrayal’s kiss
And we’ll shed our skin to begin again like a child

Sweet like the knife that pierced his side
Three times divine, three times denied
I’ll carry your cross if you’ll carry mine
Until we meet again

So watch as the fallen fade, watch as our skin returns to dust
You and I both became locks under keys reduced to rust
Track Name: Devil's Walk
Slowly taste what is bleeding
Your tongue in cheek relieving pressure from your ever-growing head
I’ll trek soft as your eyes roll in your head for sleep
Your heresy reached further than your seed
And I’m trekking soft with the Devil’s walk
And I’ll steal a glance as your slipping off
The gown that laid once at your brother’s feet
And I’ll raise my hands in reverie of how the god of man lay in the ground
But here his voice no longer reaches me

I laid his body down seven meters underground so I can’t hear his heart still beating

Sweet brother of mine please rest tonight in his loving arms
When did we become strangers with a vengeance?
I loved you so, how could you take all I ever had?
I just wanted you to know I held my breath while your body bled
Track Name: The Dead
Shadows lay across the ground like the dead
Waiting to rise and fulfill what they couldn’t live
And you can hear them in the whispers of the wind
Their words slowly decay just like the corpse that lies within the dirt

We’ll fiercely battle death for more time
When in our reflecting glass we stare a stranger in the eye
You see this penance for our sin has only drained us of our lives
But we move on

As I lay me down to sleep I pray that my soul is in good keeping
As I plunge into the deep I pray for a heaven to wake up in

As the echoes fade in a sea of sound, I pray that you’re listening
As the darkness falls swiftly all around, I pray someday you’ll find me
As the echoes fade in a sea of sound, I pray that you’re listening
As the darkness falls swiftly all around, I pray that you’ll see again

You keep your chest hollow to keep your mind fed
You’re skipping ‘cross graves, you’re dancing with the dead
You’re wearing thin and soon you’ll be gone
Track Name: Haggard Skin
So could I sit my father’s throne if I were offered?
If I were needed? If I thought he was done?
And could I mend the crumbling walls of his sovereign?
Or keep his promise, when I can’t keep my own?

Well, no.
I think I’m better off here wandering aimlessly in this haggard skin
No I’m not fit to lead my brother; I’m splintered wood in the eyes of my closest kin

So would it take another stone for me to stumble?
Maybe a small branch? Perhaps a pile of dung?
This path has gotten overgrown; I think I’ve lost the direction
So I’ll just make my own
And if that road should lead me home, oh I could prosper
I could laugh there; maybe I’ll have a son
But if that road should lead into a den of lions
Oh I’d be eaten for the wrongs I’ve done

I’ll make my peace now cause there are tyrants standing whichever way I go
And they’ve got honey dripping from their lips to entice you down their throats
When blood and water mix to finalize the absence of my breath
I’ll take a moment to notice there’s nothing left to get me

So now that it’s over I can breathe, cause they can’t get me

You can’t get me